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Friday, 16 Rabi'ul Akhir 1436

Public lecture - November 2014 (Malaysia) Print E-mail
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Wednesday, 19 Muharram 1436

To register: AllAsia Ilmu Akhir Zaman

ISEEK October 26th 2014 Print E-mail
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Friday, 22 Dhul-Hijjah 1435

KN-OW are proud to present ISEEK, a brand new concept in our mission to spread clarity about reality!

ISEEK is an independent, intimate gathering of action-led and like-minded people who gather to learn, network and to take action. Each ISEEK event may either be mixed or be on a different theme within a KN-OW Category and a diverse range of scholars and experts from that field are then invited to give their advice and take practical steps. The lineup for this event is as follows:

Visit ISEEK for Ticketing and Registration

Public lecture - October 2014 (Malaysia) Print E-mail
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Friday, 15 Dhul-Hijjah 1435
Public lecture - October 2014 (Malaysia) Print E-mail
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Friday, 15 Dhul-Hijjah 1435
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Wednesday, 29 Dhul-Qi'dah 1435

US air strikes against ISIS in Syria, which seem to have been coordinated with the Ukraine ceasefire, are a smoke-screen hiding an effort to get even with Russia over a NATO black-eye received in Ukraine. If the US can get away with such air strikes - and that appears very likely - then the strikes will escalate until NATO takes on the Syrian armed forces in a final effort to achieve a Libyan-style regime-change in Syria.

There should be no illusion concerning implications of an ISIS take-over of Syria. The Orthodox Christians will be slaughtered in a genocide intended to put paid to any possible End-time alliance between the Muslim world and the world of Rūm.

Secondly, while the Russian government may be able to get away with a policy of avoidance of nuclear war with NATO over Syria, public opinion in Russia will not tolerate such a policy in response to a slaughter of Orthodox Christians in Syria.

The ultimate implication of such a success in Syria is that NATO will then get what the Zionists desperately want, i.e., nuclear war with Russia. It now seems inevitable that such a nuclear war will take place and that it will occur sooner rather than later. When that war takes place within the next 5-10 years time or even sooner, the world will experience the Malhama or Armageddon which Prophet Muhammad (sallalahu 'alaihi wa sallam) prophesied 1400 years ago.

It is time enough for analysts around the world to direct primary attention to the coming nuclear war. Islamic eschatology is best equipped to offer a comprehensive explanation of the subject.

Our Islamic eschatological view is that Pax Judaica is not possible without such a nuclear war which, it is hoped, will wipe out both Russia and her NATO rivals. Our view is that Dajjāl's 'day-like-a-week' will commence with the Malhama when Israel emerges from the nuclear holocaust to succeed USA as the ruling State in a post-nuclear world.

Imran N. Hosein

Public lecture - September 2014 (Malaysia) Print E-mail
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Monday, 27 Dhul-Qi'dah 1435

Assalaam 'Alaikum wa Rahmatullah

On Thursday, the 25th September 2014 (after Maghrib), Maulana Imran N. Hosein will be delivering a public lecture in Masjid Al Mukminun USJ 2, Subang Jaya

The title of the lecture is "An Islamic Eschatological Explanation of Modern Western Civilization"

Barak Allahu Feekum

Islamic Eschatology - Penang Print E-mail
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Thursday, 11 Shawwal 1435

Live streaming:




 Univeristy Sains Malaysia, Penang - Sept. 9th 2014

 LECTURE HIGHLIGHTS | For the first time ever, a scholar of Islam  presents an Islamic eschatological explanation of the most amazing phenomenon of modern history - i.e., the emergence of an absolutely new actor on the stage of the world (i.e., modern western civilization), hell-bent on pursuing an agenda of ruling the whole world while seeking to replace all previous civilizations with a new secular godless world-order. The lecture describes some of the scientific, technological, political economic and monetary strategies employed in the pursuit of that goal, and evaluates those strategies in the light of the blessed Qur'an and the Ahadith of Nabi Muhammad (sallalahu 'alaihi wa sallam). The lecture explains Pax Britanica and Pax Americana, and anticipates Pax Judaica. The lecture also explains the emergence of the UN Organisation, IMF, the petro-dollar monetary system and the new cashless world that the will eventually deliver to banks the capacity to rule the world.


The Malaysian Aircraft and Ukraine Print E-mail
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Friday, 20 Ramadaan 1435

The news this morning, which curiously diverts media attention from yet another Israeli barbarous war on weak and helpless Gaza, is that of yet another tragedy involving a Malaysia passenger aircraft. The first aircraft disappeared, and those who know what happened to it are not talking. We will never know how many of such people have already been permanently silenced to ensure that there are no whistle-blowers.

And now we get the sad news of a second Malaysian passenger aircraft which, we are informed, was shot down over a war-zone territory where aircraft are being shot down at this time.

It is blessed Ramadan, and we pray that the families of those who have lost their loved ones, and who are fasting in blessed Ramadan, may derive some little comfort in their pain, that their loved ones died in blessed Ramadan. May Allah have Mercy on their souls! Ameen!

We also offer our heart-felt sympathies to the families of passengers who died, and who do not share with us the fast of blessed Ramadan, but who will read this brief statement.

Why did the aircraft stay with this dangerous route? Who is responsible for this act of negligence?

There are very few possible answers to the question: Who was responsible for the crash of the aircraft (whether it was shot down, or otherwise brought down)?

Was it Ukraine? Was it Russia? Or was it the Ukrainian Russians who are waging a war of liberation from Ukrainian rule?

My initial view is that the answer is NONE OF THE ABOVE! - and Allah Knows best!

Imran N. Hosein

WHY GAZA? WHY NOW? Print E-mail
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Monday, 16 Ramadaan 1435

The attack on Gaza at this time was pre-planned.

The deaths of three teen-aged Israelites was most convenient - indeed too convenient.

The objective of this vicious assault during Ramadan is to so inflame Muslim public opinion around the Muslim world that the ranks of ISIS would be filled to over-flowing with volunteers.

As ISIS gains in momentum, the Zionist-controlled information media would then launch their propaganda offensive to convince mankind that Islam is becoming a threat and a menace to mankind, and that something must be done to save the world from Islam.

That will open a door for Israel to step up and launch her pre-planned wars to decimate the Arabs.

with love,


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