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Assalaamu 'alaikum!

I regret to announce that we will not be able to hold another seminar in Geneva on September 16th as originally intended. This is because we could not get a Hall in which to hold the seminar.

Those who have already made plans to be in Geneva at that time may join me for dinner at the Salsabeel Restaurant on September 16th at 7pm Insha Allah.

with regrets,


Imran N. Hosein

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MEETING WITH THE SAKER IN BEAUTIFUL TOBAGO I have just spent 10 exciting days with my Russian friend, ‘The Saker’, in the enchantingly beautiful Caribbean island of Tobago. I was born in the island of Trinidad where I now live, and Tobago is located just next to Trinidad in the South Caribbean Sea close to Venezuela:

This was the first time that I ever met with ‘Saker’, and I am happy to report that I succeeded in persuading him to come out in the open with his true identity, while putting his trust in the One God. As a consequence, his identity is now public. He is


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Trinidad Live Classes !!

My lectures from Trinidad will commence on Sunday February 5th from 8am (Trinidad time).
They can be viewed live from:  

Questions can be sent by email during the lectures to 

with love,


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An Introduction to Methodology for Study of the Qur’an  

Methodology for the Study of Dajjāl in the Qur’ān was meant to be included as a chapter of my book on Dajjāl. However I realized that it was too long to function as a chapter, and hence I had to remove the material that was specific to Dajjāl, and then publish it as a separate book altogether. I have no regrets in doing so since it was my desire that this be my last effort at teaching basic methodology for the study of the Qur’ān. I have done no


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Can Muslims Vote in Elections of the Modern Secular State? What is the legitimacy of the modern secular state when judged according to the religion of Islam? Is it Halal (permissible) or Haram (prohibited) for Muslims to vote in elections of the modern secular state? This essay attempts to answer those questions.

A US-based Egyptian Islamic scholar declared in a widely circulated Fatwa (legal opinion) that it is Wajib (compulsory) for Muslims to vote in elections of the modern secular state such as USA. The preposterous implication of that Fatwa would be such that if Muslims were to refrain from voting in such elections they would have committed a sin!

On the other hand the outstanding Pakistani Islamic scholar,


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