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Islamic Scholar Imran N Hosein

The Prohibition of Ribah in the Quran and Sunnah Print E-mail
Books - English
Thursday, 07 Rabi'ul Awal 1435

Being an explanation of the Islamic prohibition of riba (i.e borrowing and lending on interest, among other things), and an effort:

to remind Muslims of the teachings of the Quran and Sunnah as they pertain to the prohibition of riba and, in partibular, that a violation of this prohibition constitutes a great sin.

to expose the grand design of hostile forces who have already made considerable progress, through riba, in gaining control over mankind. Their aim is to gain total control and to use that power to destroy faith in Allah.

to assist Muslims to get out of direct involvement in riba, and thus to preserve their faith (iman), while recognising that is is today impossible to live a life which is completely free from riba.

to explain the economic sunnah, (i.e the Sunnah as it pertains to economic affairs) and in particular, the nature of the free and fair market and the different ways through which that market has today been totally corrupted.

to warn Muslims of the inevitable collapse of the present fraudulent system of non redeemable artificial money, i.e paper, plastic and electronic money; and to encourage them to return to the use of the real money created by Allah, i.e gold and silver coins and any other real money.

to contribute towards the restoration of the free and fair market (with a different business ethic to that of the riba-based capitalism) by encouraging ba'i (business) in the place of riba, and the raising of capital by way of mudarabah and musharaqa investments rather than bank loans on interest.

That time has now arrived.

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Articles - Islam and Politics
Friday, 27 Ramadaan 1435


27 Ramadaan 1435

Someone rewrote the Torah to declare that the Holy Land extends from the River of Egypt (i.e., the Nile) to the River Euphrates. This is false! Nabī Ibrahīm (Prophet Abraham) ('alaihi al-Salām) had to migrate from Babylon and travel a long distance in order to reach the Holy Land. Yet Babylon is included within the land falsely designated in the Torah as the Holy Land. Nabī Mūsa (Prophet Moses) ('alaihi al-Salām) also died in Sinai without ever having entered the Holy Land. And so, Sinai is not a part of the Holy Land. Yet Sinai is included in the land falsely designated in the Torah as the Holy Land.

The imposter State of Israel - imposter because it is not the Holy Israel of Nabī Dāūd (Prophet David) and Nabī Sulaimān (Prophet Soloman) ('alaihim al-Salām) - recognizes Gazza, as well as several other territories now populated by Arabs, to be a part of the Holy Land. The majority Israeli view is that those lands belong to the Israelite people since they are a part of the Holy Land, and that Israelites have a right to get rid of the Arabs now resident in their land.

The above is the briefest explanation possible for Israel's persistent barbaric wars designed to achieve the ethnic cleansing of Gazza so that the Israelites can recover their Gazza.

Malakat Yad And Akhir al-Zaman Print E-mail
Videos - Signs of the Last Day
Friday, 10 Jamadil Akhir 1435

The Malaysian Aircraft and Ukraine - Imran N. Hosein Print E-mail
News - Current Events
Friday, 20 Ramadaan 1435

The news this morning, which curiously diverts media attention from yet another Israeli barbarous war on weak and helpless Gaza, is that of yet another tragedy involving a Malaysia passenger aircraft. The first aircraft disappeared, and those who know what happened to it are not talking. We will never know how many of such people have already been permanently silenced to ensure that there are no whistle-blowers.

And now we get the sad news of a second Malaysian passenger aircraft which, we are informed, was shot down over a war-zone territory where aircraft are being shot down at this time.

It is blessed Ramadan, and we pray that the families of those who have lost their loved ones, and who are fasting in blessed Ramadan, may derive some little comfort in their pain, that their loved ones died in blessed Ramadan. May Allah have Mercy on their souls! Ameen!

We also offer our heart-felt sympathies to the families of passengers who died, and who do not share with us the fast of blessed Ramadan, but who will read this brief statement.

Why did the aircraft stay with this dangerous route? Who is responsible for this act of negligence?

There are very few possible answers to the question: Who was responsible for the crash of the aircraft (whether it was shot down, or otherwise brought down)?

Was it Ukraine? Was it Russia? Or was it the Ukrainian Russians who are waging a war of liberation from Ukrainian rule?

My initial view is that the answer is NONE OF THE ABOVE! - and Allah Knows best!

Imran N. Hosein

WHY GAZA? WHY NOW? - Imran N. Hosein Print E-mail
News - Current Events
Monday, 16 Ramadaan 1435

The attack on Gaza at this time was pre-planned.

The deaths of three teen-aged Israelites was most convenient - indeed too convenient.

The objective of this vicious assault during Ramadan is to so inflame Muslim public opinion around the Muslim world that the ranks of ISIS would be filled to over-flowing with volunteers.

As ISIS gains in momentum, the Zionist-controlled information media would then launch their propaganda offensive to convince mankind that Islam is becoming a threat and a menace to mankind, and that something must be done to save the world from Islam.

That will open a door for Israel to step up and launch her pre-planned wars to decimate the Arabs.

with love,


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